Saturday, January 9, 2010

Continuity of Industrail Operations in India

Greetings to one and all 360 degree around. Sensitizing every one to vulnerabilities and risks is our major endeavor for 2010. Know more about risk management at HTTP://RESEPECT.ORG.IN.

Sustainability remains a function of Continuity every where and all areas. Increased manmade disasters bring two major challenges for the third world 1) Continuity of Governance and 2) Continuity of Industries and there is an urgent need to address and attend issues related. India-Industrial-Emergency-Conference is the first event of its kind jointly organized by Expo Management Inc (Canada) and Dr R K Dave, addressing issues connected to Continuity of Industrial Operations (COIO) in Indian subcontinent.

Dr R K Dave, Ex OSD(IT), Governemnt of India