Friday, June 4, 2010

Naxal - a Manmade disaster and its managment

Nexal is a manmade disaster manifested out of “Socio-cultural conflict with the political system”. Government need to review and strengthen existing law enforcement, and intelligence management system instead of creating new force every time. There will be thousands of similar caucuses which may come out in coming years that does not mean that Government will announce opening a separate force for countering each of such group.

Government needs urgently to – review and reinforce existing forces to manage Nexal with better intelligence, information exchange system and training.” Intelligence gathering system and information dissemination systems” play important role in such combats and specific focus has to be given to these two areas.

Miscreants will keep on changing there style and mode of operation and may or may not repeat same style. Combat system should have ability to dynamically hypothesize for new situations and new emergencies and keep in highest degree of preparedness is needed at all levels. Evolving conditions in India demands counter forces and first responders to have highest degree of training and capabilities surpassing even regerous army standards.